The NFEC is a grassroots organization, having over 1200 members, supporters and volunteers dedicated to the preservation of the quality of the resources and way of life that make the North Fork a unique place to live, work and visit.  Our address is 12700 Main Road (PO Box 799) Mattituck, NY 11952. 631 298 8880

These resources include:

  • Open space, including farmland, parks and wetlands
  • Clean air and drinking water
  • Clean ponds and lakes, streams and rivers
  • Clean creeks, bays and Sound water that can sustain commercial and recreational fisheries, and
  • A healthy community that can support a healthy local economy

Incorporated in 1972, the NFEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has a successful track record of over 40 years in:

  • Raising public awareness of key environmental issues
  • Increasing public participation in important town meetings, write-in campaigns and practices that preserve and protect the environment, and
  • Continuing the fight to protect the environment and the way of life in Riverhead and Southold towns for today and for future generations

The NFEC’s officers and Board of Directors volunteer their time to develop, organize and present all of the organization’s programs and events. Money raised through memberships and fundraising events go towards the support of the various programs and events and allows the NFEC to continue its important work on behalf of all North Fork residents, businesses and tourists.

On the second Monday of each month, the NFEC holds its monthly Board meetings at 5:30pm. These meeting are open to the public and all people, businesses or organizations with concerns about environmental issues or with program ideas are encouraged to attend and share their concerns or ideas with the Board.  Meetings are held at our office at 12700 Main Road, Mattituck, NY  11935.  Please call us if you plan to attend at 631 298 8880.