Throughout the year, the NFEC coordinates several public service events, such as the annual Spring Beach Clean-up. Your participation is needed to help show the public and the politicians that when it comes to the environment and our way of life, we’re not all talk…we’re active participants.

But beyond these events, your help is needed in so many other ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing transportation to important Town Hall meetings or public service events
  • Participating in petition drives or special campaigns
  • Writing articles for the NFEC newsletter or “Letters to the Editor”
  • Stuffing envelopes for major NFEC mailings, or
  • Serving on one of NFEC’s standing committees

So no matter what you can do, if even for just a brief period of time, become an NFEC volunteer and help us help you and your neighbors.

Become a volunteer. We can’t do it without you!

To Become a Volunteer:

NFEC Volunteer form (PDF)
  1. Click the button above to download the form.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Complete the form, making sure to indicate your interests and availability.
  4. Return the complete form to the address on the Volunteer form.