Join North Fork Environmental Council and North Fork Audubon Society 

for two important programs

Healthy Landscape, Healthy You
Wednesday, April 21, 6:30 PM-8:00 PM
via ZOOM
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This is the second of our series of Spring Landscaping presentations. We hope you were able to catch the first presentation on Home Composting by Roxanne Zimmer of Cornell Cooperative Extension. It will be available through our website shortly, if you missed it or want to review all of the great information once again.
Our current lawn and landscaping practices are not sustainable. We must understand that what we plant and how we maintain our landscaping has impacts–on human health, on the health of birds and other wildlife, and on water quantity and quality. Our panelists will be presenting the Best Management Practices available to us to change this for the better.
Join the experts–Tamson Yeh from Suffolk County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Anthony Marinello from Dropseed Native Landscaping and Shawn Droskoski, local organic landscaper and founder of Ecologix Sustainable Landscapes, for their take on how to use Best Management Practices to make your lawn and garden a positive contribution to the environment.
We will be asking our participants to commit to one single action in response to their area of interest and we will share these with the group during the session.
Creating a Rain Garden – A Zoom Presentation with Robin Simmen
Thursday, May 6, 7-8 pm
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Want to plant beautiful native species as habitat for birds and pollinators? Rain gardens are easy to install, low maintenance, look good year-round, and help prevent water pollution. These shallow depressions soak up stormwater and support trees, shrubs, and flowers that tolerate both wet and dry conditions. Best of all, the wildlife habitat they provide restores ecological balance to our landscapes. (More info below)This online workshop covers the basics of designing and installing rain gardens, including:

  • how to evaluate, amend, and prepare soil for rain gardens
  • how to calculate the right dimensions for a rain garden relative to its natural irrigation source
  • how to design, plant, and maintain rain gardens using native species

 Take a visual tour of the rain garden planted at the Roy Latham Nature Center in Inlet Pond County Park and watch it blossom from its groundbreaking in 2017 through its third season last year.
Click here to register! About the Presenter: Robin Simmen is a landscape designer and environmental educator focused on native plants, sustainable horticulture, and water conservation. Formerly with Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Cornell Cooperative Extension, she holds a B.A. from Cornell University and a masters degree from Conway School of Landscape Design. She is currently a board member at North Fork Audubon Society where you can email her at

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