Plastic Reduction and Elimination Program
Wednesday, January 22 at 6:30 pm at the Peconic Lane Community Center.
Join the NFEC and NFAS as we work to eliminate single use plastics throughout our community.
We will be planning next steps. Educating the public on the risks of single use plastic and on alternatives can make a huge difference in reducing plastic pollution in our environment. 

 North Fork Environmental Council and North Fork Audubon Society are teaming up to tackle the plastic pollution problem in our community. 
       It’s in our bays, Sound, creeks; along our roadways, in our trees and on our beaches.  It destroys our wildlife, it poisons birds, fish, mammals and makes it way up the food chain.  It is not biodegradable.It never goes away.
We have solutions.  We need YOU to help implement them!!!Spread the word and join us at the next meeting of the Plastic Reduction and EliminationProject of the North Fork.

Wednesday, Jamuary 22 at 6:30 PM

Peconic Lane Community Center
1170 Peconic Lane, Peconic, NY 11958
Just north of the Recreation Center