NFEC is very concerned about the following proposed project for Mattituck Inlet:
Join us on March 22nd at 7 pm as we hear from: Anne Sherwood Pundyk and Stephen Boscola, co-chairs of Save Mattituck Inlet. We will learn about their efforts to “stop the irreversible environmental destruction that would result from the Storage Buildings project at Strong’s Yacht Center! The developer currently plans to cut down almost 500 trees, haul away 134,000 cubic yards of sand over local roads, replace nearly 4 acres of native forest with two enormous buildings for yacht storage, remove a natural feature that protects against the effects of climate change, and potentially harm a significant coastal wildlife habitat. This project would seriously compromise the adjoining publicly owned Mill Road Preserve.”
The public will be called upon to weigh in on this project. NFEC members should be well informed and will be given information on upcoming opportunities for action.To register for this Zoom presentation email us at