The NFEC continues its well-received monthly Speakers Series on Friday, July 14, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Jamesport Meeting House. This month’s program is presented by Erica Cirino, an international science writer and artist who covers wildlife and the environment and specializes in biology, conservation and policy. With a distinctive signature that melds scientific rigor and the power of art, her work has been featured, among others, in Scientific American, VICE, Ars Technica, Audubon,The Atlantic, and National Geographic. She has also be a guest on National Public Radio.

Following a recent Pacific crossing with scientists of the Danish nonprofit and subsequent research work in Denmark, Erica is now in the midst of her, “Go and See” tour, a series of presentations covering the story of global plastic pollution. Her purpose: Find out the truths about plastic pollution and what it’s doing to the planet, wildlife and people.

Erica is a 2016 Ocean Science Journalism Fellow of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the recipient of a 2017 Safina Center Kalpana Launchpad Fellowship.

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