North Fork Environmental Council and  North Fork Audubon Society present
“The Basics of Home Composting”
  Thursday, March 25, 2021   6:30 pm via Zoom
A Workshop by Roxanne Zimmer of Cornell Cooperative Extension

“The Magic of Compost”Compost is one of the very best ingredients you can add to your garden. It is loaded with nutrients, easy to prepare and is a residential win-win for increasing soil health and for reducing the volume of waste headed to a municipal landfill.
 Learn 4 different types of composting methods in this workshop, including outside and indoor composting, aerobic and anaerobic techniques, worm and  lasagna approaches.

 Roxanne Zimmer, Ph.D., has been spreading the word about best garden practices for many years. In her Community Horticulture role at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County, Roxanne speaks to school and community groups about why we should be reducing lawn area, planting natives and more vegetables. She offers Master Gardener Training and a Spring Gardening School yearly. A recent initiative is the Seed to Supper program which teaches those in greatest need how to increase their food security.

Email us at to register and include “Composting Workshop” in the subject line.  You will receive a link to the Zoom presentation just prior to the workshop.