Friday, February 21 at 6:30 pm at the Jamesport Meeting House.

Presenter: Laura Klahre, Blossom Meadow Farm There are close to 450 different bee species in New York State, so why does everyone focus on honeybees?!? Introduce yourself to Long Island’s wild pollinators including bumble bees, mining bees, leafcutter bees, mason bees, squash bees, and even flies and moths. They are the unknown superheroes of our gardens and farms. Wild bees are 2-3 times more effective at pollinating than honeybees and work many times while the honeybees are still in their hives. Honeybees supplement the work of wild bees, not the other way around. Join Veteran Beekeeper Laura Klahre (Blossom Meadow Farm) as she discusses why and specifically which gentle pollinators will be most advantageous for higher yields and larger, more well-rounded produce. Innovations at her farm and specific actions you can take to put more food on your table and support bee populations (e.g., flowers to plant, types of habitat to provide, and bee ranching efforts) will be discussed. Blossom Meadow Farm’s Strawberry Jam, a 2020 national Good Food Awards winner, will be available to taste and jars available for sale at the presentation.